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Among the different kinds of unique experiences we offer, company incentive trips are an absolute highlight that undoubtedly give free hand to our creativity. The biggest challenge is creating memorable emotions among participants that last a lifetime, maximizing their loyalty and motivation towards the company’s goals and thus achieving better results.

Let´s create new emotions

Incentives can be a daring combination of innovative team building activities, seminars, thematic days, exclusive parties, cultural visits, gala dinners in dreamlike places that would be inaccessible to you without our knowledge of the destination or let us surprise you with an amazing “hidden kitchen”. Simply tell us who the participants are and what result you are aiming for. We will prepare an exclusive incentive program and unveil it to you through Spain’s essence, making you fall in love with the Balearic Islands.

Unique and exclusive activities

Why is it essential to surprise participants of an incentive trip?

The art lies in reaching each of the participants and as we know, we are all unique, as well as our tastes and preferences. Therefore, the Nima Events team highly values the importance to identify those whom we want to surprise in order to create the best combination of individual experiences for the group.

Imagine a wine tasting under the stars, a meal among olive trees or playing golf aboard a classic boat in the middle of the sea. Does it awaken your five senses? Combine these experiences with team building activities such as a rally through the island to discover its most hidden roots, creating a company mosaic together or achieving a common sportive goal. Imagination has no limits and a memorable emotion knows no borders, languages or cultures.

Nima Events makes your idea come true

Many international companies have already trusted us and our professionalism to organize and carry out their incentive trips in the Balearic Islands.

What kind of experience would you like to live?

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