MasterChef: Long live the Balearic Islands!

MasterChef: Long live the Balearic Islands!

In recent years, team building activities related to gastronomy have become a growing trend.

If you are thinking of organising a teambuiding activity with the objective of strengthening teamwork, creativity, confidence, among many other aspects, but most importantly giving participants an incredible and unforgettable day, we suggest you turn your employees into real Chefs.

This type of activity contributes to promote team spirit and cooperation.

For this purpose, we will select the place that best suits your needs and will surprise all participants: “Mallorcan estates, majestic gardens, cellars with tradition, fields, etc.”

We will create a menu based on local gastronomy, which will give the participants the opportunity to discover and taste our KM0 products.
Of course, we always take into account the country of origen of participants and adapt the menus based on their needs.

The division of teams can be made according to your preferences or left to a lucky draw.

Each team will have its own station set up with the necessary ingredients, kitchen ware and recipe to follow.

Once the dishes are ready, our professional Chefs will be in charge of tasting each dish.

After the tasting, each team should score the dishes from their competitors. But it will be our judges who will have the final vote for the winning team.

Afterward, they will sit at the table to enjoy the dishes and talk endlessly with their colleagues about their experience, taking home some new cooking recipies.

MasterChef: ¡Qué vivan las Baleares!
MasterChef: ¡Qué vivan las Baleares!
“Here I am the Chef”

Without a doubt, thanks to this activity, MasterChef: Long live the Balearic Islands! they will enjoy an active journey, fun and pleasant experience in the company of their work colleagues.

Will you find the key to the Balearic gastronomic success?