The last Paradise of Mediterranean


The smallest island of the Balearics has always attracted attention for its paradisiacal beaches, Mediterranean landscapes, mild climate and dreamy sunsets. It can only be reached by sea from Ibiza and is therefore all the more exclusive.

From the very moment you disembark in Formentera you will breathe calm, you will be surrounded by beauty in its purest form, you will see how its turquoise waters merge with the sky and at that moment you realize… This is paradise!

Formentera, MICE destination

You are probably wondering if Formentera is a good destination to organize an event. As a Destination Management Company in the Balearic Islands, we can assure you that this island is a real treasure for small groups. If you want to host a unique event that allows your participants to discover themselves, dream, relax, create… but above all, enjoy the luxury of Mother Nature, then Formentera is your island.

It is also the perfect enclave for groups staying on the neighboring island of Ibiza. Surprise participants through a boat trip to Formentera, where they can enjoy swimming in crystalline waters, feel the sea breeze, dive in its incredible seabeds and taste a delicious meal on board. Don’t miss this incomparable opportunity!

The magic of Formentera

A thousand and one chances to find yourself

Reconnect with your innerself and renew your spirit

Formentera's magic reaches you the moment you arrive. Senses revive and your soul awakens, leaving behind the stressful everyday life. You are ready to enjoy yourself, just choose how you want to do it. You can opt for a getaway of disconnection and well-being with retreats that offer yoga and meditation classes, mindfulness sessions, wellness experiences and healthy nutrition. However, if you're feeling adventurous, enjoy amazing hiking trails that end at hidden dreamlike beaches, dive into the crystal clear waters and observe unique wildlife or paddle surf over the magical horizon at sunset.

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